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3 essential factors to lower your fat rate


How do you want to be successful in lowering your fat percentage if your diet, training, and recovery are not on top? No miracle: you first need a complete plan: diet  and training to obtain visible results. But not just any. Here is the ultimate plan to lower your body fat levels.

How to go about lowering your fat rate?

To see your abs and muscles take shape under the skin, without a layer of fat, there is no other solution than to be successful in reducing your body fat level . Indeed, you need to have a fat content of around 10 to 12% to be really dry. Some athletes are even far below, during competitions.

# 1. Diet is super important

First, it is obvious that diet is the key factor. You won’t be able to be dry if you eat excess fats and carbohydrates . However, a balanced diet contains less of it, because you cannot be satisfied with non-stop protein . How to integrate the fats necessary for metabolism and health? How to select the carbohydrates that will give you energy without hurting your waistline?

The solution: cycle nutrition

By alternating the “high” days in carbohydrates, the “middle” days and the “low” days in carbohydrates, you will achieve a lower fat mass rate . The dry requires the reduction of calories imperatively and your body will quickly burn its fat even at rest. On the other hand, if you reduce them too much and too quickly, the opposite effect will occur. That is, your metabolism will slow down. This is why it is necessary from time to time to put calories in the form of carbohydrates in the circuit in order to restart the combustion.

The dry must pass by the reduction of calories

To establish your cycle, start by figuring out which high-carb days will be . Preferably choose the training days for the lower body or large muscle groups .

Then, the “average” days will be for more moderate training and days with low carbohydrate levels, to be reserved for rest days. If you have no idea how to manage those calories, count for example, 0.5 to 0.75 g of carbohydrate on “low” days. Plan on 1 to 1.5 g of carbohydrates per kg on “average” days and 2 g and + on “high” days. At the same time, be generous with protein. That is, you can increase their share on the basis of 1.5 g per kg of body weight. It is not a problem, as long as you feel in a good progression. The rest of your calories will be dedicated to lipids – the good fatty acids – which provide an additional source of energy for your workouts.

# 2. Finding the right training mix

The second factor is the difficulty of training at the right pace and at the right intensity because in the event of calorie restriction, you are weakened. There is a fine line between effective training which consists of gaining muscle or, on the contrary, training too much. The latter will trigger catabolism and destroy your muscle mass.

The solution is therefore to control the rest times between two sets of 1mn for the isolation exercises to 2mn for the polyarticular exercises.

Also be sure to increase the frequency while decreasing the volume and intensity of the sessions. This will be achievable, for example, by doing a little less sets and reps but always going to failure.

# 3. The bonus: your recovery

Third, take the time to recover. Sleep and stress, these are the last two things to master to ensure good secretion of growth hormone during the night. Therefore, this hormone is indeed necessary for the repair and development of your muscle fibers.

You need at least 8 hours of sleep . Don’t think about catching up, because you have to avoid constantly changing your pace. Getting up later or going to bed later seriously compromises hormonal secretion.

Sleep well, eat well and train to the right extent

Finally, the other hormone that should not be overlooked is cortisol . This key hormone can put all of your lean or muscle gain efforts to zero .

Sleep well (without stress!), Eat well and train to the right extent , here are the three factors that will allow you to achieve your goal of reducing fat mass.

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