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8 tips from the pros to take care of your hair


Taking care of your hair can sometimes be a real headache. Choose your routine according to your hair, adopt trendy hairstyles, do not adopt the wrong gestures to take good care of your hair … There is a lot to think about. If you want to take care of your hair, it is better to follow the advice of qualified experts. Here are 8 hair tips that will help you pamper your pretty mane. It’s your turn !

1 / Anticipate your outings

Tom Marcireau, Hairdresser and founder of the eponymous salon : “If your hair needs to be on top by a specific date, concoct an intensive revitalization program a few days before. In the evening, a toning serum at the root and a mask or an oil on the lengths , to leave on overnight and rinse off the next day.

2 / Shield with a serum

Romain, Artisan Colorist and founder of Romain Colors : “If you are a fan of heating tools, remember to protect the hair by applying a protective serum . These formulas deposit a sheath which limits the aggression of heat on the fiber. Today there are products based on vegetable silicones which suffocate the hair less and are very effective. “

3 / Adapt the formula to the scalp

David Lucas, Hairdresser and Founder of David Lucas Salons : “Women choose their shampoo based on their hair type. But sometimes it is the scalp that is not cared for enough, and by repercussions the hair toasts too. So think about alternating your usual treatment with a soothing, toning or balancing version for the scalp according to its needs. “

4 / Apply the mask to a ponytail

Myriam K, Hairdresser : “To better distribute your mask, make a ponytail . Apply the product to the mid-lengths and ends , release the hair then comb the entire hair. “

5 / Choose “no rinsing” for fine hair

Massato, Fashion show hairdresser, natural expert : “Traditional masks can sometimes be a bit heavy to treat this type of hair . I therefore recommend treatments that act like a cream for the face: you apply only to the well-wrung lengths and you style without rinsing.

6 / Cunning when you’re in a hurry

David Lucas, Hairdresser and Founder of David Lucas Salons : “Once in a while, if you’re really late, you can apply a dab of mask to wet lengths and ends and leave it alone. This allows you to sheathe lengths, detangle and shine in a single gesture. “

7 / twist in oil

Damien Boissinot, Hairstylist : “When you apply oil to the lengths , twist the hair and apply the oil going up. This is the best way to ensure that it penetrates well and that the hair is well nourished. ”

8 / Respect the exposure time

Christophe-Nicolas Biot, Hairdresser founder of the Maison de Coiffure : “The most common mistake in the bathroom?  By dispatching the installation, you only have the softening effect of the product and not the caring aspect you expect. If you are really in a hurry in the morning, then it is better to leave it on overnight and rinse it off the next day ”.

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