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Safety Precautions to Take When Using Hand Sanitizer


The role that hand sanitizers have played since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic cannot be praised enough. Coupled with robust handwashing habits, a pocket-friendly 100 ml hand sanitizer with over 60% alcohol content provides a quick and effective way of ensuring personal hygiene and protection against harmful germs.

But, as is the case with other over-the-counter drugs, hand sanitizers should also be used with caution. Not doing so can result in the sanitizer not being effective or being dangerous in certain cases. Here are five precautions to keep in mind while using a hand sanitizer:

1.Treat hand sanitizers as drugs

Since a hand sanitizer has many chemicals as well as alcohol content, it should be treated as any other drug or medicine you purchase over the counter. That means always checking the label for expiry date, any dubious ingredients, or warnings and precautions mentioned. You never know if the hand sanitizer you are using has an allergen or some storage precautions that you must follow.

2. Avoid hand sanitizer contact with sensitive areas

Given how frequently people use a hand sanitizer, they might be prone to careless incidents where they touch sensitive areas like eyes or the mouth while applying the hand sanitizer or after applying it improperly. Similarly, any hand sanitizer left on your hands could come in contact with your food. Remember, a hand sanitizer can cause a burning sensation in eyes and may even damage them if left unattended. Similarly, ingesting any hand sanitizer can be toxic. In either case, rinse your eyes or mouth immediately and thoroughly, and if symptoms persist, get in touch with a doctor.

3. Be careful while using hand sanitizers around children and pets

Since hand sanitizers are easily accessible, it is common for young children or even pets to access them. People often buy a hand sanitizer family pack for home and then leave it unattended. The fragrance and the vibrant packaging of the sanitizer could easily attract them as well. health issues and irritation upon contact. Using Just Human sanitizer would be a safer choice as it provides 24 hours protection on a single application, unlike other sanitizers that need to be applied again and again.

4. Keep the hand sanitizer away from heat sources

Remember, hand sanitizers contain alcohol and therefore are flammable objects. Thus, when you are applying hand sanitizer, always do so away from a heat source or flames. Rub your hands dry so that no trace of hand sanitizer liquid is left on them. While disposing, never toss the hand sanitizer into fire. Instead, dispose it separately and securely from biodegradable waste.

5. Avoid creating and using a home-made hand sanitizer

There are many videos and tutorials on the internet that claim to help you make your own home-made hand sanitizer. Well, doing so is not recommended by the medical fraternity and can result in developing a dangerous, toxic or ineffective product. Thus, don’t make hand sanitizers at home and only purchase medically-approved ones from the market such as Just Human’s 24-hour hand sanitizer spray. It is clinically-proven to kill all 99.99% germs in just a single use and protects   These sanitizers have been conclusively tested in certified labs thereby proving their efficacy.

By following these five precautions, one can make most of the convenience and protection that effective hand sanitizers provide. Apply properly, exercise caution and enjoy a healthy and happy life!

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