Your Winter Getaway

Travel Essentials to Pack for Your Winter Getaway


Planning to go somewhere snowy this winter season? Who doesn’t love a winter vacation which is filled with days making a snowman, skiing, snowboarding, ice-skating and simply living your best life?

Since you will be away from your home, you must pack all the travel essentials that will help you stay organised and stress-free and make the most of your winter.

Winter body care essentials are an important aspect of packing travel essentials for your winter getaways. It is important to carry moisturisers, serums, body oils, cold creams and everything you could need to maintain your skin as the weather outdoors gets dry and chilly.

Overwhelmed about which skincare essential to pack for your upcoming winter getaway? Fret not, we have got you covered. Here are the4 amazing winter body care products that you must invest in this year.

Dermafique Night Replenish Body Serum 

Your skin tends to look dry and dull as the temperature drops outdoors. When you are on a vacation, it is difficult to remember to apply your moisturiser every couple of hours to avoid dry skin. That is why investing in a nourishing night body serum is the best thing ever. Before you retire to bed, you can hop in the shower and take a relaxing hot shower before you use this Dermafique body serum. This serum will help your skin recoup and replenish while you get a good night’s sleep. This antioxidant-rich body serum is infused with beads that are enriched with 30x Vitamin E which helps in repairing, nourishing, and healing your skin.

Charmis Deep Nourishing Cold Cream

Using your regular body lotion for your face and neck during winter is a big no. This is because your regular body lotion is not sufficient to provide hydration for your dry and damaged winter skin. Hence, this Charmis cream is a perfect pick as it will help you get glowing and smooth skin while you are on your winter getaway. Enriched with Vitamins A, C and E, this Charmis cream will help your skin recover from the aftermath of daily pollution, sun damage and dryness. Try to include this cold cream in your day and nighttime skincare routine for the best results.

Dermafique Vitality Flash Facial Cleanser

We cannot put enough emphasis on the importance of exfoliating your skin in the winter months. Winter means more flakiness and more dead skin. Hence, it is important to regularly exfoliate your face, neck and your body to keep them soft and supple. This facial cleanser by Dermafique is a perfect everyday face cleanser to use while you are on a winter vacation. The best part about this facial cleanser is that it doesn’t just cleanse your face but also detoxifies and exfoliates it. Packed with Vitamin E, micro-pearls, and orange zest extract, this facial cleanser gently exfoliates and removes excess sebum and leaves your face rejuvenated and radiating. Carry this Dermafique in your travel pouch so that you can use it throughout the day whenever your face feels sticky and dry.

Engage Amber Hues Perfume 

A good winter perfume is another travel essential when you are going for a winter getaway. Winter holidays mean a lot of fancy dinners and night adventures. You want to make sure that you look dapper and exude confidence and charm. Engage Amber Hues is a perfect winter perfume for men as it consists of contrasting fruity and amber notes which makes it scream elegance and mystery. Just a spritz of this perfume on top of your cashmere sweater or velvet blazer is enough to make you feel stylish and put together.

Along with following your skincare routine religiously, it is important that your stay hydrated, sleep well and indulge in clean eating.

So, which are your personal must-have winter essentials when you are going on a winter getaway?Check out the ITC Store to buy winter body care essentials which will help you look your best during your upcoming winter vacation.

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