What Should You Expect During An Ayahuasca Retreat?


Ayahuasca is a medical plant that originates in the Amazon. It is used to make a thick brown extraction, and this plant is said to have visionary properties. It is used widely during an Ayahuasca retreat Mexico which involves drinking the tea made from the leaves of these plants and cooked for days to reduce it to the concentration that is needed. Traditionally people consume this drink in the presence of a Shaman. The effect of the drink may last for a considerable duration of time. It allows you to understand your true self and invade your mind in a way like never before. A trip may last for around 5 to 6 hours, during which you basically die and reborn as a new human being who has now the perspective of the other side too.

What Exactly Happens During An Ayahuasca Ceremony?

During the ceremony, you enter into another dimension of reality where you get a different perspective of yourself and what is reality. However, Ayahuasca shows you exactly what you have to see in this particular moment in your life. If you resist to your visions, it gets stronger and forces you to face the ugly part of yourself. People often suffer then because they don’t accept the truth about themselves. On the other hand, when you take the responsibility for all your visions and surrender, it becomes sweet, gentle, and very overwhelming beautiful. The entire process is guided by a Shaman who is an integral part of the ceremony. The shaman sings and make music which is a guidance through the other dimensions. You acquire a greater appreciation of music during the ceremony. Especially when there is silence you understand how important is the music.

After consuming Ayahuasca, layers of reality unfolding in front of you in the most majestic fractal, geometric mandalas. You have less control over your thoughts, and your relationship to your true self opens up very honesty. This effect allows you to understand yourself like never before. You can realize the cause of various events in your life. For example, you could remember a traumatic situation in your childhood and see how you created a certain behaviour pattern that last until today. So, you can really work on yourself and understand why you are like that. This process of releasing comes often with a lot of crying and laughing. You can change the reality on a more subtle plain by changing your perspective of your personal history. Every Ayahuasca ceremony is different, unique like every moment in our lives. So, you will never experience the same thing. The real work starts after the ceremony when it comes to integrate the knowledge you received into your life. If you don’t do your homework, ayahuasca maybe show you in the next ceremony the same thing that you really have to work on.

The ceremony mainly takes place during the night and lasts until the effects completely fade away. Ayahuasca is offered to the participants in various doses depending on the requirements. People start feeling the effects around 20 to 60 minutes after consuming the drink, and the effects may last for around 5 to 6 hours. Those who take Ayahuasca may experience vomiting or diarrhoea depending of the diet that you made before. All the real shamans recommend to make a diet from minimum one week up to a month. It is one of the most important aspects of taking sacred plant medicine, because it changes your experience completely. People who do the diet honestly, they can travel further out in other dimensions because they don’t struggle so much with the physical plain. If you have to release a lot of poison from your body, your journey will be like that.

However, it may be noted that adverse effects are common as they can provide your body with a cleansing effect. Different people react differently to Ayahuasca. Some may experience a feeling of enlightenment, while other people may experience panic and anxiety. The Shaman will provide you with proper guidance during this entire ceremony. In some cases, the ceremonies may also last for 2 to 3 days. In reality you just remembering the interconnectedness of nothing less than everything. So, once you opened your channels you realize the connection doesn’t stop after the ceremony, we just forget it.

After the ceremony, you may experience a change in yourself. You can feel empowered because of get connected with your inner creator being. You will also be able to understand yourself much better and make more conscious decisions for your life. However, for a much better and long-lasting experience, you may attend the ceremony now and then. Only then will your body become fully aware of the presence of Ayahuasca. Some people need a few ceremonies to connect because the mind is sometimes so strong that it doesn’t allow the medicine to do its work. Ayahuasca also has various neurological and psychological benefits.

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